What we deliver to our clients

Outside of getting personal attention and care, these are the things we are committed to delivering to you.

Shoes will not fall apart:

                The shoes are made by hand with great attention to quality of construction. We use classic construction techniques incorporated into our modern designs. We used full grain leather for the areas of the shoes that receive the most wear, the upper and the sole. These leathers will last a lifetime. Every part of the shoes are glued, sewn, and nailed together, supplying them with three safeguards against coming apart. They are designed to last 10+ years. If well cared for they will last a life-time if resoled at regular intervals.

Better fit:

                We take 5 measurements of each foot (ten total) before we start on a client’s shoes. We make small adjustments in the lasts to accommodate for feet that need more or less room to feel comfortable. Well-fitting shoes should hug the feet, but not suffocate them. If we don’t get the fit right the first time, we will start over at no extra cost to the customer. In my experience, few people know how comfortable it can be to have a shoe fit so well.

                We also give simple instructions for anyone to take their own measurements if they are not able to meet with us personally.

Custom quality and options at half the price:

                We create simple, aesthetic designs. Because of their simplicity, we are able to cut down on some of the man-hours it takes to make a completed pair. If we were creating intricate patterns, say wing-tip shoes with broguing, there would be many more man-hours spent cutting the pattern, sewing the leather, and punching the brogue holes. Comparatively, we feel there are several shoemakers who already make those styles in their footwear, and we aim not to be redundant. 

Since we make the shoes by hand, we can offer some of the same options custom shoemakers offer at no extra charge, such as stitching color, leather color, and sole finish color.

Meant to be worn often, thereby decreasing the need for several pairs:

                One of the emerging trends amongst younger generations (and sometimes older ones), is the desire to have fewer, more reliable things. Some families are opting for getting rid of both cars and choosing a more expensive but more reliable one. Some people are living in tiny homes with no mortgage so they can invest more in travel or hobbies. We empathize with this sentiment and make shoes that work well dressed-up or down, and work well in most situations. This keeps the client from needing so many shoes that clutter up their space and aren’t as valued. And, because of the quality materials in our shoes, they can be worn as often as the client wants while maintaining their structural integrity.

Inexpensively and easily repaired:

                Since coming into contact with hard ground is normal and inevitable, shoes will wear down and require work. Shoes are either made to be repaired or not. Ours are made to be repaired. However, we take it a step further. The majority of the shoes made today that can be resoled, are made such that the entire sole must be removed and another put in its place. We, however, have designed our shoes with a rubber cap on both the heels and the balls of the shoes, that, once worn down, can be replaced at a fraction of the price of a full resole. These caps can be replaced three times before a full resole is required. The rubber caps last between 2-3 years. This means the first full resole wouldn’t be necessary for up to 9 years!

Sold direct to customers. No middlemen, retailer mark-ups:

                We sell direct to our customers. Very few shoe companies can claim this, and most of the ones who can, also sell to retailers and therefore have to sell at a price that is set at a bloated retail rate. By bypassing middlemen, we can pass along some savings to our customers. Not only that, we also get to know our customers, and are able to be more in-tune with their needs and wants, which in turn allows us to make adjustments to better serve them. Along with that, our customers get the advantage of speaking with us directly, saving them time and energy when they have an issue or concern.

                We do however work with companies on collaborations. This way we can set a price both companies agree upon, and the resulting product can only be purchased through them.

Transparency in who, where, and how they are made:

                I think it would be safe to assume that the average person knows very little about who makes their shoes, where they are made, and how they are made.

We are public about the fact that we make the shoes ourselves. In fact it is our policy that no one can be hired without at least some training in making our shoes before they are able to move into another role. We make our shoes from start to finish in the US and we make that public also. We don’t have to hide it because everyone makes a fair wage and do not work over 40 hours per week unless they choose to. We also educate our audience on how our shoes are made via Instagram, Facebook and our blog. We do not have to hide the process because we know it produces a quality product.

                We believe this kind of transparency is essential to our business. We want our customers to feel connected to their shoes and to us. We want them to purchase shoes that have meaning and we want them to feel that meaning when they put our shoes on.