Shoe Repair

You have a pair(s) of shoes that you love, but you can't wear them now because they are either too dirty, or need some work, maybe even a lot of work. You'd take them to the local shoe repair guy, but he isn't open often, takes a year to get them finished, or is just hard to communicate with, and you hate the idea of getting rid of them.

We can help. Shoe repair is at the heart of what Standard Handmade stands for. We always believe in restoring shoes rather than throwing them out. We are proponents of saving a life (your shoes' life in this case) rather than turning it away.

We try to take all types of shoes and boots for men and women, but may ask you to send us a picture if we are unsure whether or not they can be worked. Unfortunately, some shoes just can't be. However, we take more types of shoes than your typical local cobbler. Including sneakers.

most of the time, we have a 1 week turnaround from the time they hit our door. And it will take a few more days of shipping for you to get them back.

Clean and polish $35

New top lifts (heel caps) $45

New top lifts and half soles $55

New full sole from the midsole down $75 (no welt replacement or stitching)

Full resole $125

Full resole with leather soles $150

Full restoration (includes new hand welt) upwards of $250


All of the above services include a clean and polish and new laces.

Please message us if you have more questions or would like to drop locally or ship your shoes to us.

You ship them to us, and we'll cover shipping them back.