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Below are the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) we receive. If after reading this you feel your question is not answered, please contact us. We'd be happy to clear up your questions.

Are your handmade boots and shoes really that different?

We think so! The art of shoe making is a long arduous process. We love it. That’s why we make shoes. The industrial process of shoe making was designed for speed, not quality or comfort. We take pride in the process, which in nature, is slow and detailed. The best shoes are made this way.  We know you’ll feel and see the difference!

Who makes the shoes?

We do! In our shop (no retail location yet!) in Houston, TX. We are rare in this aspect. Most small companies outsource their construction to other countries, while others outsource to the very few footwear manufacturing plants left in the US. I know of about four. We have chosen to keep the construction in house where we can have our own team, and develop our own culture of manufacturing. Keeping the construction in house also ensures that our strict specifications are met.

How do you ship them?

We offer free shipping on all footwear in the lower 48 states. We choose the most economical shipping method via FedEx or UPS. We will let you know when they are ready. If you require a faster speed or specific carrier let us know.

How long before my shoes are ready?

With our handmade process it takes at least three weeks to complete a single pair. Typically we have a 5-6 week turnaround. Feel free to ask if we can have a pair done before a specific date and we can let you know if we’re able to accommodate.

Do I have to set up an appointment in order to have my feet measured?

No! Our sizes are sized just like footwear you’d buy off the shelf, except that we offer more width options. We also have detailed measuring instructions here for those who would like a more personal fit. If you’re uncomfortable with those options, we’d love to meet with you over coffee, a drink, or at the shop in order to take your measurements. It takes about five minutes to complete the measurements but we like to spend more time hanging and getting to know our clients. If you are not in Houston, we can schedule a phone or chat appointment to obtain them.

Do you offer any colors other than what’s listed on the website?

We do not stock any additional colors. However, we want you to have shoes you really love. If that means we have to find you another color, we’d be happy to. Just note that our lead time and pricing could be subject to change.

Do you offer completely custom footwear?

Yes. Contact for details and pricing. The custom process requires substantially more labor than our made-to-order boots and shoes and a minimum 3 month turnaround.

What if I receive my shoes and they don’t fit?

We are careful with the fitting process and this is a nonissue for us. However, we do allow you to return them within a month of receipt. When we have them back we will either adjust them or make a new pair. Since everything is made-to-order, picking your correct size is important.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! More here.

Do shoe elves really exist?

That is really none of your damn business.