About Us


My name is Chad. I design, test and make boots, shoes and more, by hand, in my Houston TX shop.

I'm a life long leather and woodworker, and found that I had a knack for shoe making and design about six years ago. I have studied under a master shoe maker. As well, I have studied at length Italian, English and Japanese shoe making techniques and have combined many of them within my shoes. The end result is a handmade shoe that is comfortable, long-lasting, and beautiful.

My goal is to offer timeless, yet progressive design, to push boundaries yet stay rooted in the methods of the past. My goal when you purchase shoes from is is to hear that they are your favorite pair.

In the last two years I have re-explored my love of woodworking and found some new inspiration in the wild, as well as from a desire to utilize discarded building materials, which, here in the US, make up about 50% of our landfills.

I may at times employ help to complete my work, but rest assured, that only occurs under my guidance and supervision, by persons who have experience.

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