About Us


My name is Chad. I started Standard Handmade in late 2015 with the idea that shoemaking as a craft was not only valid, but necessary in our present time.

I believe the assembly line model for products in general, has run it's course. I believe the age of giant retail stores has come to a close. We, myself included, care more about the the things we spend our money on. We want to make sure it's going to a trustworthy place, that when we spend it, it means something. And we don't mind spending more money on something we can trust the integrity of, both the product and the company.

I think, in part, this stems from our desire for connection. And not just connection with other human beings, but connection with who we are, what we stand for, and what we choose to do with our time.

We make make every product in-house from design to production. We know that if we outsource our work we will be supporting a system that doesn't support us, a system that thrives on fast fashion and fads, as system that thrives on exploiting the labor of families, a system that takes with out giving, and a system that looks out only for itself.

We choose instead to follow our convictions. We make shoes the old fashioned way, with our bare hands. We employ the hand so that we have a relationship with our work. If we make a mistake, we have to redo it. If we cut ourselves, we have to take care of it. And through this process we learn to make less mistakes and to protect ourselves from cuts. This lesson translates into our personal lives, if we want to be better humans, we have to make mistakes in order to learn, we have walk through our pain.

We exist for all those who make their lives by hand, those who follow their convictions by carving out their own paths, and those who know the way out of something - is the way through it.


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