Why choose us?


Why choose us?

 We understand that you have many options for purchasing shoes and boots. It is an ocean, in fact, from which you have to choose. In the sea of options between shoes made in China or Taiwan, or by companies who claim theirs are handmade, or who give to charities, or those companies who have small batches made in seemingly sweatshop-free countries, why choose us?

It’s simple, really. We are not in that sea.

We make all of our footwear in house, by hand, with intention. We don’t have to hide anything from you. We don’t have to put together clever selling strategies to make our company seem more appealing. We don’t have to mask poor craftsmanship with new products every quarter. We just have to make great shoes that you’ll love and can keep loving for years.

Our goal is to make your favorite pair of shoes. The shoes you wear on a first date or at a big interview. The shoes you wear when you walk to your favorite coffee shop in order to start your day right. The shoes you wear to meet a group of friends in which there might be someone new to introduce yourself to. The shoes that you have way too many Instagram posts of! The shoes you'd wear in the shower if you could just so you wouldn't have to take them off. These are the shoes you need and want in your life!

One way we accomplish this is by giving you options. Think of our shoes like a build-your-own omelet. Do you want ham or steak? Provolone or Swiss? We let you choose the details without making it confusing. We offer you our original designs which you can pair in a few color combinations of leather and stitching. You can even choose whether you want a natural sole color, or a dyed one.

Also, we offer a custom fit. Have you ever had a custom fit? It's the best! You'll need good measurements of your feet for a custom fit. If you can't meet with us in person to get your measurements, we have instructions here. I am happy to answer your questions about it, as well as talk you and a partner through it over the phone. It’s much easier than you think, and a great fitting shoe is a key element for ultimate comfort.

Speaking of comfort, shoes must be comfortable! This is one of the many reasons we choose to make our shoes by hand. We know that our by-hand construction method is one of the reasons we get so many compliments on the comfort of our shoes. Back to the omelet analogy, or how about let’s just talk about the eggs? - Have you ever had mass produced eggs? I bet you have. I have at a breakfast buffet. I’ve also had them at hotel continental breakfasts. They don’t taste too great and probably contain non-egg ingredients. They have to be amended with salsa or cheese to be eaten. They will fill the space and do the trick for a moment, but I’d certainly pay the extra dollars for a real egg, or three. That’s kind of what we do for shoe comfort, we offer the real egg, served the way you like it.

So how about our construction methods? What makes them different?

The shoes are made with you in mind. Not our bottom-line. This means that our energy is concentrated on making the best possible pair of shoes for you. We are attentive to the details and the integrity of the shoes. Since our process is by hand it is slower than that of mass produced shoes. The slowness allows us to make sure every step is followed correctly and no corners are cut. We have found that if our shoes are going to be superior we must exercise patience in the construction process. You can see some of the major differences in our construction methods here.

Lastly, since our shoes are versatile and long lasting, they help you de-clutter your closets and entryways. You no longer need so many pairs of shoes. One pair of ours will serve the purposes of 5 conventionally made pairs. Personally, I wear my premiere oxfords almost every day. I made them about 4 years ago and they still look and feel great. This has allowed me to get rid of several pairs I had that I wore with different clothing. My premieres seem to work for almost any occasion.

Don't get me wrong - I'd never tell you to throw away your shoes, but with our shoes you may find they simplify your life. For me that is usually a good thing.

If you’re ready to take a plunge into our waters, contact me at chad.kimball@standardhandmade.com

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