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If you like our footwear but you have questions on how to buy, or what exactly you need to do, this short article is for you.

Here’s how it works:

Option one (buying the footwear as it appears on the product page):

Once you’ve decided on a pair of shoes, select your size and add that pair to your cart.

You will be prompted to fill out billing and shipping info.

Once complete you will receive a confirmation email, and your order is placed immediately in line with the others.

Expect to receive your shoes in 12 weeks or less via mail! (if you live in Houston, you can pick them up, and in some cases we can deliver personally. Either way shipping is free)

Option Two (get customizations):

After you’ve added your shoes to the cart and you are checking out, add a note to the order or send me an email with your order.

If you want a tailored fit you need to read instructions on measuring your feet here. You can then scan me your measurements.

If you want a specific hand-stitching color, include that color. We can accommodate most colors. If you’re not sure what you want, just ask. I can give you some help. Otherwise light brown shoes come in white hand-stitching, dark brown in natural hand-stitching, and black in grey hand-stitching.

The machine stitching portion of the shoes comes in the same color as the leather (unless you want to change that also, just ask).

If you want a dyed sole (color other than pictured) let me know what you would like, again most colors can be accommodated, though we may not be able to match them to the stitching color exactly.

Outside of those options, just ask. We will not place your order into line until we have all of your details.

Once you’ve decided, expect to receive your shoes in 12 weeks or less.

We also provide a payment plan for those who want to set aside a little at a time. If this is you, simply select your shoes, select the button and proceed through checkout. Once your shoes have been paid we will make them, and ship them to you. is no affiliated with Standard Handmade. It is a tool we use to offer a payment system interest free to our clients. Think of it as lay-away.




Like our footwear the furniture is made to order. You may inquire about adding customizations, or even custom furniture altogether. email me at:

Simply add the piece(s) you want to your cart and follow the checkout process.

You will receive a confirmation email, and expect your furniture to ready for pick up within 12 weeks. You can arrange a delivery truck, or I can help you with that process of getting it delivered to you. Otherwise, it’s free to pick it up from my shop.



Buying other, miscellaneous items such as tobacco pipes, wallets and carvings:

These are the items we keep in stock from time to time.

Simply add a product to your cart, complete the checkout process and expect to see your item in a few days (if you live in the lower 48). Other destinations can take longer.

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