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Made to Order Boots and Shoes, Exclusively Handmade in Austin, TX

Your life isn't cookie-cutter, neither are your shoes.

Handmade for those who make their lives by hand, and carve out their paths with passion, grit and persistence.

Made to Order

100 years ago, all boots and shoes were made to order, made by hand and cost between two and six week’s salary (depending on both the maker and the salary).

They were looked upon as an investment in your feet. After all, if you’re not in bed, you’re likely on your feet. They were also made to last for a lifetime, with the best materials all chosen personally by the shoe maker.

We make our footwear much the same way. We have spent years making footwear with several approaches and methods, only to find out this is the best way. It’s the best way for the quality and integrity of our products, as well as the quality and integrity of our lives.

We make every pair expressly and respectfully, for you. We also work one on one with you to get the features you want. We can customize all of our shoes to your unique feet. We can offer almost any sort of leather imaginable, as long as it’s up to our quality standards. We can change stitching colors, soling colors, etc… We can even make altogether custom boots or shoes for you. We are a cookie-cutter free shoemaker.

Or, you can buy our products just as they come. They are tried and true, unique and are made with you in mind. In fact, your name will be written on the inside of your pair, rather than a serial number. You can expect your order within 12 weeks of purchase. And all footwear purchases are shipped for free in the lower 48 states.

We choose you over a department store. We choose process over speed of production. We choose quality over profit. We choose made by us rather than made across the world. And we choose to empower all those who make their life by hand, carving out their path with passion, grit, and persistence by offering footwear to match. After all, every path requires a sure foundation.

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"10 months in my @standardhandmade Asher Boots. I wear them when I want to feel good about how I'm dressed. I've even worn them while riding the Harley. I've worn them while walking for hours. They look brand new and feel like a million bucks. Plus they were handmade for my feet by a good man. Check his stuff out."

Rick Frank (@dgtl_prophet)

"The boots you made me are frequent in rotation, which is high praise as my collection is getting to look like the Texas Longhorns football team in the Spring, long before cutdowns. :)"

Todd Young (@tuddgyoung)

"These boots are amazing. I am so honored to wear them and own them. It inspires me that you are working so hard and putting your energy and time into something so meaningful. I can't thank you enough!!!!!"

Nolan Burke (@nolanryanburke)

Hey Chad, I expected cool shoes that were comfortable. I was little nervous to spend that kind of money on shoes, I had no idea what kind of product I'd be getting in return. I'm walking faster, my gait is more lively, I'm more stable and my posture is better. It's really unbelievable what you've done here. Not only are they the coolest shoes I have ever own and I've gotten constant compliments on them. I feel more agile in them to the point I was even able to pull my girlfriend of the way of a car almost backing into her. I can't thank you enough for the product and also the kind gifts you included. Expect an order from me for some boots after the holidays. 

Ben Ad