Made to Order Boots and Shoes designed and built entirely by hand in Austin, TX

You get more control, its healthier for us and our planet, and it produces unparalleled quality. You will stand out, feel good inside and out, and have them for the rest of your life.

Made to Order

The majority of the boots and shoes available in the world today run through a complex of middlemen, suppliers and distributors before they ever reach our hands.

In fact, most of the time the manufacturer can’t even tell you the origin of the leather they purchase. There are just too many tanneries in too many countries, and far too many middlemen.

The gap gets even wider from the time of manufacturing to the time they reach our preferred brand to be sold to us. I mean, the manufacturer will often outsource parts of production to countries with questionable business practices, then finish them in their own country just so they can say they were made there. Many times the brand we are purchasing from isn’t aware of this, and most of the time that have only as much visibility as we, the consumers, do.

Then there’s the question of quality. The same style shoe, coming from the same manufacturer, with the same type of construction and identical leather is sold to us by one brand at $150, and by another at $500.

The meaning, purpose, and value of these boots and shoes are naturally diluted by this complex. So much so that almost every brand, large or small, has to use buzz words like “ethically made” or “sustainably sourced,” in order to combat the dilution.

The problem with such words is that they are inherently ambiguous. We don’t all share the same ethics, and we don’t all have the same idea of sustainability.

How this process has become the norm completely baffles me. I mean, the leather comes from an animal that was once living.

We aren’t doing the animal any justice by producing more than we can use, while utilizing inferior construction methods, and selling boots and shoes that are meant to be thrown away in a year or less.

Standard Handmade exists in order to create boots and shoes that honor you, the animal, the craftsman (me), and the world itself.

By making every single pair in-house, completely by hand, and made to order, you receive a pair of boots or shoes that last you a lifetime, are free of any manipulative business practices, and which you have more control over not only by knowing who made them, but also by being able to customize them. This is the way we made footwear for hundreds of years before the industrial process took over. As turns out this was the more responsible and superior way along along.

Together we can make you boots or shoes that you love, believe in, and make you feel good to wear. I have been wearing my pair for 5 years now, almost daily. There is no better feeling than knowing that I didn’t waste any leather, haven’t needed several more pairs, and that they are still just as beautiful and functional as the day I made them. To add to that, design wise they are just completely stunning and unique. If standing out just by way of quality and the construction process aren’t enough, you’ll also have a design no other company has.

Have any questions? Contact me here. I respond quickly and I’d love to hear from you.

Otherwise Shop Now! You can purchase our Boots and Shoes the same way you would any normal store, but after you purchase I will send you a follow up email to make sure you get the pair you want. After that its an 8 week wait for your new shoes!


"10 months in my @standardhandmade Asher Boots. I wear them when I want to feel good about how I'm dressed. I've even worn them while riding the Harley. I've worn them while walking for hours. They look brand new and feel like a million bucks. Plus they were handmade for my feet by a good man. Check his stuff out."

Rick Frank (@dgtl_prophet)

"The boots you made me are frequent in rotation, which is high praise as my collection is getting to look like the Texas Longhorns football team in the Spring, long before cutdowns. :)"

Todd Young (@tuddgyoung)

"These boots are amazing. I am so honored to wear them and own them. It inspires me that you are working so hard and putting your energy and time into something so meaningful. I can't thank you enough!!!!!"

Nolan Burke (@nolanryanburke)

Hey Chad, I expected cool shoes that were comfortable. I was little nervous to spend that kind of money on shoes, I had no idea what kind of product I'd be getting in return. I'm walking faster, my gait is more lively, I'm more stable and my posture is better. It's really unbelievable what you've done here. Not only are they the coolest shoes I have ever own and I've gotten constant compliments on them. I feel more agile in them to the point I was even able to pull my girlfriend of the way of a car almost backing into her. I can't thank you enough for the product and also the kind gifts you included. Expect an order from me for some boots after the holidays. 

Ben Ad