Handmade Boots and Shoes That Help You Go the Distance

Made to support your feet and your conscience for a lifetime.

Unmatched Quality   -    Reduces Waste   -    Fights Slave Labor

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Mass produced shoes are made poorly, in secrecy, and perpetuate waste and slave labor.

The whole thing can leave you feeling deceived, and like you've wasted your money.

Mass produced shoes shouldn't be your only option.

Boots and Shoes made one at a time and in-house:

Better quality - Made to last a lifetime.

Less waste - Fewer reach lanfills, and no industrial waste

A transparent supply chain - Sweatshop and slavery free materials and production.

Not only will you look great and feel supported by your shoes, your conscience will feel like the cool, fresh water of a spring.

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Asher Boots Light Brown

Like you, we've been let down by the shoes on our feet and the companies we've purchased them from.

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What our clients say:

"10 months in my @standardhandmade Asher Boots. I wear them when I want to feel good about how I'm dressed. I've even worn them while riding the Harley. I've worn them while walking for hours. They look brand new and feel like a million bucks. Plus they were handmade for my feet by a good man. Check his stuff out."

Rick Frank (@dgtl_prophet)

"The boots you made me are frequent in rotation, which is high praise as my collection is getting to look like the Texas Longhorns football team in the Spring, long before cutdowns. :)"

Todd Young (@tuddgyoung)

"These boots are amazing. I am so honored to wear them and own them. It inspires me that you are working so hard and putting your energy and time into something so meaningful. I can't thank you enough!!!!!"

Nolan Burke (@nolanryanburke)

Go the distance in your new boots or shoes

1. Choose your boots or shoes

Browse our products and choose your favorite to purchase. If you'd like a custom pair contact us.

2. We make them.

After you make your purchase we follow up with you and begin to make your new shoes.

3. Receive your new boots or shoes

They are made entirely by hand so it takes about 8 weeks to finish. Shipping in the lower 48 is free.

Choose them now

Find your boots or shoes now.

Not Ready to Buy? Thats Okay

We can help you avoid buying shoes that fall apart whether or not you buy ours.

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