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The Process

Hi, my name is Chad.

I have spent my life learning to make things with my hands. I started in woodworking, moved into knife making and then discovered shoe making. I am the owner of Standard Handmade and the company's lead designer and maker. 

It is my passion to make the best Footwear, Furniture and accessories this side of the Pecos. My mission is to offer you the best made, longest lasting, most wonderfully designed functional goods you've ever encountered.

There is no assembly line and no outsourcing in this company. I, and my team of elves pour our love, blood, sweat and tears into everything we make in my Houston, TX shop.

More about what I do here

"10 months in my @standardhandmade Asher Boots. I wear them when I want to feel good about how I'm dressed. I've even worn them while riding the Harley. I've worn them while walking for hours. They look brand new and feel like a million bucks. Plus they were handmade for my feet by a good man. Check his stuff out."

Rick Frank (@dgtl_prophet) from Instagram

"The boots you made me are frequent in rotation, which is high praise as my collection is getting to look like the Texas Longhorns football team in the Spring, long before cutdowns. :)"

Todd Young via email

"These boots are amazing. I am so honored to wear them and own them. It inspires me that you are working so hard and putting your energy and time into something so meaningful. I can't thank you enough!!!!!"

Nolan Burke via text message

At Standard Handmade we honor art and craftsmanship, without which the world would be a dry and desolate place where there is no joy in making things, and no pleasure in having them either. 

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